International Area

  • Sectorial representation before the Administrations: reunions with the Administration locally and nationally, solving conflict, intermediation, assisting the Meat Sector Groups of the Ministry. Defend and represent the interests of the associating companies with exporting materials.
  • External trade assessment for associated companies, assessment in situ, documentation delivery and previous studies on the products’ function and companies interests.
  • Exports consulting service: as intermediaries with the Administration, FECIC has a permanent consulting service on exports organized by countries, exporting certificates, health requirements, taxing systems, general dispositions and exportation conditions depending on the product and market, and incident solutions.
  • On-line international newsletter: first weekly newsletter of the meat sector in Catalonia with all the news separated by themes, meetings, regulations, updates on new opening markets, activities for international promotions, etc.
  • International Working Group (GTI): for meat processed products, pig meat and for beef/mutton production.
  • International promotion plan: sectorial promoting actions such as: forums, conferences, direct actions, indirect actions and group participation on fairs.
  • Specific projects for third party countries: collective projects in strategic markets for a better competitive meat market in Catalonia.
  • Commercial projects for investments, marketing and technical health preparation for the positioning of associated companies on strategic third party countries.
  • Formation sessions on exports.