Representing the meat industry nationally, by promoting, and defending the different companies and associates interests. Moreover, our goal is to influence and defend the consensual behaviour between institutions and social agents in favour of generating wealth, work and products aimed to improve the populations’ life quality and well being aligned with the promotion of healthy nutrition and sustainable development principals.


To be the meat industry referent. Working as a social leader in favour of our society’s progress, contributing to the improvement of our social and economic surroundings. To increase the reputation of the meat companies, promoting a favourable and productive environment and reinforcing a dialogue with public administrations and institutions representatives.


1. 1. Representation and cooperation with agents:

Representing the meat industry before our Government, the administration and all types of organizations, public and private entities on a national or international scale that defend our sector’s interests.
Cooperate with the authorities in the preparation and subsequent laws and rules development.

2. Competitiveness, expansion and internationalization:

Promote competitiveness and innovation for the expansion of the meat sector at a national and international scale in order to promote and export the product, and grant access to global companies by helping to adapt to the territory’s rules and laws.

3. Investments:

Attract investments for the meat sector, as well as promoting capital subsides from the European Union, on a national and regional scale.

4. Job Creation:

Stimulate quality job creation directly and indirectly.

5. Improving public image:

Improve the meat industry’s public perception and knowledge.