The sector in figures

The meat industry is on the forth-industrial sector representing a turnover of 22.168 million euros. More than 21% of the Spanish food industry, which translates into 2% of total GDP in Spain.

First semester production data 2017

According to the statistics service from the Agriculture, Fishing, Food and Environment ministry, Spanish slaughterhouses have a total production of 3,28 million tons of meat during the first semester of 2017. A figure representing a 1,3% decrease compared to the previous year during the same period.

Pork meat, which holds the biggest production in Spain, has had a non-predictable behavior. In January, March and May the production of meat was higher than the one in 2016, although the months of February, April and June it’s decreasing production was notorious. April outshines from the rest of the months especially due to a production of 17,2%, less than in 2016, from 354.870 tons to 293.863 tons. In total, the territory’s production was 2,11 million tons.

On the other hand, there has been an increasing number of beef production reaching a 312.652 t, a 1.1% increase, maintaining it’s ranking in the second position for the second consecutive year above the 300.000 t mark.

There is still a reduction in sheep production, the first half of 2017 has been 58,387 t, 1.8% less than in 2016. Regarding the caprine species, there is an increase of 12.1% and are exceeded the 5,106 t.

Another category that has suffered a sharp drop has been equine meat, with a decrease of 15.5% to 5,716 t.

The main productive autonomous regions in Spanish territory, Catalonia, Castilla y León and Andalusia have reduced its production 4%. The next three on the ranking are Aragon, Castilla – La Mancha and Galicia, which have a 10,2%, 2,4%, and 1,9% respectively.

Exports on the first semester of 2017

The figures taken by the Economy, Industry & Competiveness Ministry via ICEX’s Estacom show the increasing value of Spanish meat exports. During the first semester our country has exported meat and meat products to an estimate value of 3.140 million euros, a figure that surpasses last year’s exports by 14,2% on the same period of time.

Spanish meat exports and pork elaborated products has grown 18,2% on the first six months, compared to the previous year, and has surpassed a 2.500 million euros turnover. Finally sales in volume reached 1,04 tons, a 1% increase, data published by the Pig White Layer Interprofessional (Interporc).

A product type comparison shows that fresh, chilled and frozen meat have the number one position in international sales. Their numbers reached 760.021 tons (+0,8%) and 1.839 million euros (+21%); Edible pork meat offal is next, with 142.207 tons and 167.4 million euros.

By destinations, China is still leader on the Spanish exterior market for the first 6 months of the year by volume reaching total sales of 175.388 tons (17%). Next is France, with 163.987 tons, Italy, with 91.343 tons, Japan, with 60.038 tons and Portugal, with 57.794 tons. On the turnover, France is the main client, their sales are valued on 445,3 million euros, follows China, with 285,4 million euros, and Japan with 221,3 million euros.

On the data gathered of beef meat, fresh or frozen has reached a total 322,08 million euros income, 6,3% more, with a total of 87.421 tons, a 4,7% more. Principal importing countries are European, such as Portugal with 32.696 tons and further behind stands the Netherlands with 10.451 tons, France with 10.207 tons and Italy with 10.157 tons. Sales on edible beef meat offal and sub-products has reached on the first semester values of 19.95 million euros, with a 47,3% increase, with a total 10.638 exported tons, 14% more.

Production data 2016

In 2016, meat production increased for every species, we can conclude this by looking at sacrifice numbers published by the Agriculture, Fishing, Food and Environment ministry (MAPAMA). Pork meat reached a production of 4,06 million tons, a figure that represents an increasing value of 5,2% compared to the previous year. Meanwhile, beef meat registered a production of 637.737 tons, which means there was an increase of 1,9%, whilst sheep and goat meat increased 1%, with 126.341 tons.

You can consult data on sacrifice published by MAPAMA on this link.

External trade 2016

In 2016 the Spanish meat industry exported 2,3 million t for a 5.562 million euros value, which is an increased value of 16,7% in volume and a 14,8% in value, as we can see in data published by DATACOMEX.

Spain has surpassed Denmark and has position itself as the third pork meat exporting country worldwide, right before USA and Germany. The country’s exterior sales where of 1,5 million t of pork meat for a value of 3.207 million euros, 182.566 t of elaborated products and 1.150 million and 396.539 t of remains at a 447 million euros value.

On beef meat, the balance of exports on meat and remains reached 169.539 t (4% more), and gained 620 million euros, a 7,1% more than last year.